UML Diagrams

Why do we need to know UML Diagrams?

UML diagrams can be used as a way to visualize a project before it takes place or as documentation for a project afterward. Seeing what you are doing and being able to measure where you are at in your project can help simplify the workloads and decrease the amount of stress that you may have. But the overall goal of UML diagrams is to allow teams to visualize how a project is or will be working.  

We have heard people say this word a lot: a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why visualizing a process, especially during the development phase, is crucial for team communication and collaboration. The software development industry in the past has used dozens of ways to model and visualize development. 

We probably might ask what is exactly a UML? UML stands for Unified Modeling Language. It is a modeling language that is most often used for software engineering but has extended its use to business processes and other project workflows. Essentially, UML is visualizing software through diagrams. 

 Three software engineers at the company Rational Software for their projects have created this modeling language, and since it has become the standard with very few changes over the years. 

Software engineering and other business processes use UML diagrams to modeling their work which is a big part of today’s world.  

There are two main ways UML diagrams can be used:

  • Forward design. The modeling and design are all done before coding the software application. Usually, forward design is used to help developers better see the system they are trying to create. 
  • Backward design. The modeling is done after the code has been written, and the UML diagrams act as documentation for the workflow of the project. This can help developers see the project development as it was, in reality, to improve in the future.

Whether UML diagrams are used before or after the coding or project, they provide a way to visualize many aspects of a project and who is responsible for what activity.

I found that UML diagrams, help me to improve my coding skills. Being able to look at every aspect of my project design not only makes it easy but, also faster, especially when it comes to Object Oriented Programming. UML diagrams can be used as a way to visualize a project before it takes place or as documentation for a project afterward. 

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